I Had the Craziest Dream

by Harry James

Top hit from: 07.02 to 20.02.1943

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"There Are Such Things" is a popular song by Stanley Adams, Abel Baer, and George W. Meyer, published in 1942. The most popular version of the song, by Tommy Dorsey's orchestra, reached #1 on the charts, but many other versions have been recorded since.

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Harry James Orchestra
Written by:Harry Warren and Mack Gordon
#1 week of February 13, 1943 through week of February 20, 1943
In a dream the strangest and the oddest things appear
And what insane and silly things we do.
Here is what I see before me, vividly and clear:
As I recall it, you were in it, too.
I had the craziest dream last night, yes I did.
I never dreamt it could be
Yet there you were, in love with me.
I found your lips close to mine so I kissed you
And you didn't mind it at all.
When Im awake such abreak never happens.
How long can a gal go on dreaming?
If there's a chance that you care
Then, please, say you do, Baby.
Say it and make my craziest dream come true.
Transcribed by:Samantha Stevens
[email protected]