Three O'Clock in the Morning

by Paul Whiteman

Top hit from: 04.02 to 17.03.1923

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"Three O’clock in the Morning" is a popular good-night waltz.
The lyrics were written by Theodora Morse (listed as Dorothy Terriss) to music written by Julian Robledo. The song was recorded in 1922 by Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra. Charting eight weeks at number one (out of a 20-week chart sojourn in 1922), the song became Whiteman’s early signature-tune, and sold over three million copies overall in various versions.
Connie Francis recorded this song in her Greatest American Waltzes album in 1963. Bert Kaempfert revived the song without the waltz tempo in his 1965 album Three O’clock in the Morning.
The song was also referenced in the 1925 novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Karl-Lennart wrote the Swedish lyrics. The Swedish title is "Sista valsen". Harmony Sisters, Cupol-orkestern Cond.: Jerry Högstedt recorded it in Stockholm on December 10, 1949. The song was released on the 78 rpm record Cupol 4331.

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Songwriters: Bihari, Jules; King, Riley B;

Now, it is three o'clock in the morning
Can't even close my eyes
Lord, three o'clock in the morning, baby
Can't even close my eyes
Well, I can't find my baby
Lord and I can't be satisfied

Lord, I've looked all around me
Well my baby, can't be found
Lord, I've looked all around me, people
Well my baby, can't be found
Well if I don't find my baby
I'm going down to the golden ground

Well, goodbye everybody
Lord, I believe this is the end
Oh, goodbye everybody
Lord, I believe this is the end
Well, you can tell my baby
To forgive me for my sins

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